TRDI is a rehabilitation manufacturing company that will serve the global rail transportation industry.
TRDI refurbishes and upgrades projects designed to comply with the requirements of every customer. TRDI specializes in extending the useful life of old vehicles either by updating their systems or by creating new designs. Outdated equipment is replaced with advanced technology to ensure improved reliability and availability, improved technical functionality, and improved vehicle comfort through new interior equipment. TRDi’s fleet equipment can be brought locally via local rail lines, which is less costly on a company than dumping poses less environmental externalities.
In the United States, the technological advances occurring have had an enormous impact on the passenger rail car industry by allowing vehicles to be safer, more reliable and more efficient. In addition, the U.S. government has passed laws requiring the transit authorities to provide these safety features implemented on the existing fleet. The combination of the availability of new technologically advances and stricter government regulations has facilitated many transit authorities within the U.S. to procure new vehicles. This has created an enormous opportunity for TRDI to implement its business strategy to solve many major issues facing the transit authorities and governments in the U.S. and around the world.