Train Refurbish Development International, Inc. (“TRDI”), established in New York in August 2015, is a newly formed corporation whose business model is to become the leading manufacturing company in the United States focusing on the passenger rail transportation industry. The success of TRDI will leverage managements’ experience in the passenger rail transportation industry with their manufacturing expertise to form an organization which will refurbish used passenger rail vehicles for resale to nations around the world. The company is comprised of an experienced management team with over 150-years of combined passenger rail transportation industry experience. The Executive Management organization is lead by Jose Garcia, President and Founder of TRDI. Mr. Garcia has been employed in the passenger rail transportation industry for over 30-years and has become an industry expert obtaining certifications in Supervisory and Management Leadership as well as industry specific certifications including American Welding Society (AWS), Hazardous Waste Management and ISO 9001:2000, which are all imperative in the project management, engineering, manufacturing, qualification and acceptance of new passenger rail cars. The idea of refurbishing passenger rail vehicles became a clear vision when Mr. Garcia saw the thousands of new vehicles recently being procured throughout the United States by various Authorities.
The Authorities must scrap and dispose of these existing passenger rail vehicles to make track space for the newly delivered vehicles, even though some of the vehicles with stainless steel car shells are in good condition. These existing vehicles are stripped down and then discarded into the ocean causing what many people believe is a major disservice to the environment and surrounding communities’. The concern for the surrounding communities is the additional drive that has led Mr. Garcia to develop the TRDI Community Foundation headed by, Mr. Castillo. TDRI has pledged 1% of TDRI to the establishment of the foundation and future security of local TDRI community projects. Mr. Castillo, known to be a “humanitarian”, has been serving his surrounding community his entire life. He has been working with communities all over the Tri-State area, helping people of all ethnic groups. TRDI, Inc. has the capability to prevent the discarding of these existing passenger rail vehicles into the ocean by extending their operating life and at the same time employ hundreds of people to refurbish the vehicles. TRDI’s main objective is to refurbish the existing passenger rail vehicles and sell them to private railway systems in the United States and foreign countries. The market for the refurbished passenger rail vehicles includes developing nations in all continents around the world, including high necessity countries such as Africa and India.
The business strategy is to bid, negotiate, or establish a tipping fee with Transit Authorities to obtain the existing aged “rolling stock” where new vehicles are being delivered, starting with the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA), NJ Transit, and additional East coast rail companies. TRDI will then refurbish and certify the vehicles based on the customer’s delivery requirements. TRDI can reduce the lead-time for passenger rail vehicles from 3~5 years on new railcar projects from suppliers such as Kawasaki, Bombardier and Alstom, to within 1-year for refurbished railcar vehicles from the date they are obtained from the authority. The sale of certified, refurbished rail vehicles will also provide a cost savings for railway networks, especially to nations whose transportation capital budgets may be somewhat restrictive. In summary, TRDI’s strategy would realize cost-savings to customers as well as reduce the delivery lead-time of the passenger rail vehicles. TRDI has secured the experienced talent and resources required to implement the business plan.
Business Opportunity Passenger rail transportation is one of the most efficient and effective methods to transport people from location to location. Around the 1830’s, the first passenger railcar travelled on a 13-mile track, since then the US passenger rail system has grown to more than 160,000-miles of track and 660,000-miles globally. With approximately 1.7 million passenger rail cars in use in North America, this potential inventory of used passenger rail cars can be refurbished and supplied to developing nations throughout the world. The refurbishment and utilization of these used vehicles could easily facilitate the largest expansion ever seen in the passenger rail industry.