TRDI is established as a Minority-Owned and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (M/DBE) and is in the initial start-up phase of operation.
The corporation is founded by Jose Garcia, a United States citizen and a college graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic. Mr. Garcia has over 30-years of experience in the passenger rail transportation industry. He possesses a wide-range of knowledge in mechanical engineering and has practical work experience in the manufacturing industry specializing in welding processes and techniques. He began his career as weld technician in 1983,working for a private-corporation manufacturing vessel for the United States Navy. During his tenure at the company, he led the production engineering activity for all the production activity including the design of the jigs and fixtures, welding procedures, parts fabrication and final assembly. In 1986, Mr. Garcia advanced his career by securing an employment position with Kawasaki Rail Car in Yonkers, New York, as a weld technician. Since that time, he has succeeded in receiving numerous promotions within the company where he has been promoted Kawasaki Production Manager, managing the manufacturing process including parts fabrication, sub-assembly of components and final vehicle assembly. Mr. Garcia has been in managerial position for some of the most successful new and rehabilitation passenger rail car projects Including; PA4 (200 cars(c)), Rehab PA2 and PA3 (138 c), R68A (200 c), Detroit People Movers (DPM)- Miami, Pittsburgh and Las Vegas (54 c), Taipei- C301 (132 c), NYCTA R34 / R127 (30 c), MBTA (107 c), MARC III (50 c), LIRR (134 c), VRE (13 c), NYCTA R142/ R142A (660 c), NYCTA R143 (240 c), NYCTA R160 (620 c), Rehab LIRR (133 c), Rehab VRE (20 c), Rehab CDOT (30 c), NYCTA R157 (54 c), PA5 (350 c), NYCTA R188 (New and Conversion - 533 c), WMATA (Parts Fabrication Only - 740 c). Mr. Garcia has overseen many production teams with his primary emphasis on training employees on the production process including mechanical assemblies, electrical installation and the welding of sub-assemblies and carbody structure. In addition, providing his supervisors proper supervisory and management training to ensure an efficient and safe work environment. Mr. Garcia’s vast knowledge in the passenger rail industry has allowed him to branch into consulting services and support to nations in Africa, including Zambia and Guinea.
Company Vision
Company mission
TRDI’s vision is to become the leading “state-of-the-art” manufacturing company for all rail passenger transportation industry in the United States and around the world. TRDI strategy is to initially establish a part fabrication plant in Suffern, NY, supporting the rail transportation industry with components that meet and exceed the strict quality requirements necessary for customer acceptance. In parallel, TRDI will focus on discussions with major authorities across the United States to secure used passenger rail vehicles being discarded. The used passenger rail vehicles will then be refurbished based on TRDI’s customer requirements. TRDI will over-haul, upgrade, test and deliver the refurbished passenger rail vehicles with additional offerings including extended warranty, “on-site” maintenance and /or training packages to provide additional support to our clients at their location to train users on how to maintain the rail vehicles per the recommended maintenance standards. TRDI will become a profitable corporation and market leader in this emerging passenger rail vehicle market. With the price of new passenger rail vehicles approaching close to $2.5 ~ 2.8 million a vehicle, TRDI can provide a product to meet our customer’s limited budget, in the range of $1.1 ~ 1.3 million a vehicle (more than a 50% cost reduction). Within 10-years, TRDI can achieve over $375 million in sales solely from the refurbishment of existing passenger rail vehicles, becoming an industry leader in the used passenger rail vehicle market. TRDI is a professional company that is committed to serving as a reputable producer of refurbished passenger rail vehicles by focusing on the safety, reliability, and comfort for public and private transportation authorities and customers around the world. Our business model is unique and provides our customers a viable solution to meet the immediate necessity for more passenger rail cars in order to meet their growing passenger transportation requirements. We are steadfast in our efforts to develop working relationships with the appropriate transit authorities and government agencies in the United States, mainly along the Northeastern Corridor, to purchase rail vehicles that are slated to be scrapped, assess them for refurbishment, re-sale them to foreign developing countries around the world, at a profitable return. In addition, the parts fabrication segment will also have a profitable impact to the company’s financial stability as these parts will be designed and manufactured on-site, providing a quick solution of replacement equipment for these specific rail vehicles. We want to ensure that the new owners will receive the training and education on how to properly care for and successfully maintain their rails vehicles which provides us with the opportunity, credibility and working relationships in other countries. Our commitment is to provide a quality product, deliver outstanding customer service, and grow our reputation as a highly regarded company